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The Key to Extraordinary Success in trading is not whether you have the holy grail trading strategy. In fact, such a strategy does not exist.

The great news is that you don’t need the holy grail trading strategy to experience extraordinary success in trading.

The Key to Extraordinary Success in trading is applying the proper money management approach to whatever strategy you are trading.

The one question every single trader has to answer every single time they enter a trade is "how much of my account should I risk on this trade?"

This incredibly important question is given very, very little attention in the trading industry. But as you will see from this video, how you answer this question is vitally important.

How important? Watch the video and find out why you should not take another trade without this information.

Do You Know the Right Answer?

Take a coin and flip it in the air 100 times. You have a total of $100 to bet on the 100 flips. When the coin lands heads up, you win $2 for every $1 you bet. When the coin lands tails up, you lose $1 for every $1 you bet. Assuming that the coin will land heads up 50% of the time and tails up 50% of the time, the question is how much of your $100 should you risk on each flip of the coin?

If you only risked $1 on every flip of the coin, your $100 would increase to $150 after 100 flips of the coin (assuming it landed heads up 50 times and tails up 50 times).

Knowing that money management can have such a dramatic affect on the overall results, you know that it is better to apply money management to this scenario. The question is what money management strategy? I am going to narrow your choices down, you choose which one you think is the absolute best for this scenario. Remember, you already KNOW you are going to make money with this coin flip, so making the money management decision should be easier.

The Choices

10% of the equity on each trade.

25% of the equity on each trade.

40% of the equity on each trade.

51% of the equity on each trade.

The Results


About the Mission Million Money Management Course

When you sign up for the Mission Million Money Management Course, you will receive instant and perpetual access to our 10-hour online video course complete with slides.

The Mission Million Money Management course will forever change how you view trading. It is the most thorough, straight-forward, practical money management course in the trading industry.

Most traders are focused on where to get in and where to get out (entry and exit rules). Few give little, if any attention to the important question of "how much of my account should I risk on this trade".

It is the answer to this question that empowers a trader to not only achieve extraordinary success, but to also preserve capital when things don’t go quite the way you planned.

Mission Million Covers Every Aspect of Applying a Practical Money Management Approach to Your Account
  • Foundations of Proper Money Management
  • Inefficiencies of Most Money Management Strategies
  • Martingale and Anti-Martingale Strategies
  • The Effects of Asymmetrical Leverage
  • Understanding the Fixed Ratio Strategy
  • How to Be More Conservative or Aggressive
  • Applying Fixed Ratio to Any Trading Strategy
  • Understanding and Applying Rate of Decrease
  • Fixed Ratio and Multiple Strategies (Portfolio)
  • Example Strategies Applications
  • Example Trading Plans Implementing Fixed Ratio

Success in Motion

I have been trading for over 30 years and have been disappointed and ripped off more than once by so called "experts". I am more careful now. I bought Ryan's course and it is the best I have ever seen.
Ken L.

I have used Ryan's services for over 5 years. During that time I have become an educated investor in the commodity markets. Before, I over traded, blew up accounts by following some of the well-known "gurus". I bought Ryan's courses and self trade now. I have been positive EVERY YEAR following Ryan’s strategies.
Dr. S. Vogt

I've been trading the Option for Profits strategy (combined with Money Management, of course) since last May, and my account is up ~ 150%. My objective is a 200% annual return, and I'm right on track.
B. Cambell

The information that Ryan produces is logical and very thorough. He takes the time to explain each and every aspect of the information so that when you are done, you have a thorough understanding of the topic. I have not found any other source of information that goes into as much detail and I must emphatically state that this is a value to the industry and me as a trader.
John S.

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